Writer’s bio

P ete Miguel Ward is a fiction and academic writer who is well respected for his novels and publications. To experience this author is to experience excellence in the making! Mr. Ward is an innovative author whose debut novel, When I Saw Death, has garnered so much pre-published praise that it seems destined to become a runaway bestseller. This comes as no surprise to anyone who knows Mr. Ward and is familiar with his exceptional work ethic and ingenious creativity!

Pete holds an MBA from the Australian Institute of Business. Over the past twenty-four years, he has worked directly for major organizations such as Repsol, BP, British Gas, Proman, Techint, SNC-Lavalin, Voest-Alpine, H.B. Zachary, KBR, Carillion, amongst others. In one recent role as Operations Director, he led a significant integrated supply base and pipe yard transformation at his organization. The company grew from seventeen to one hundred and forty personnel in just six months and this was only one of many occasions when he demonstrated his commitment to the profession with a strong sense of responsibility in ensuring that the entire transformation process worked in both the staff's and the company’s favor.

As a business author, keynote speaker, and social media expert, Pete commands an audience of devoted followers who avidly support him in all his endeavors. Apart from his day-to-day operations, Pete has, by no surprise, also volunteered his time to writing. .

Born in the lovely city of San Fernando, he grew up in Gasparillo where everyone is as close and friendly as family. Pete Miguel Ward is blessed to have lived in one of the most beautiful countries on earth—Trinidad and Tobago! From the endless beautiful beaches to the oldest protected rainforest in the Western Hemisphere to the first black Miss Universe, who is a Trinidadian . . . his home country is a place of beauty, dignity, and grace. This is Trinidad and Tobago, the home of Pete Ward, his history, his life!