Pete Miguel Ward

Well known for enabling enterprises to optimize business results through modernization and personalization, Pete Miguel Ward is a man of many talents—all of which he’s mastered to the nth degree.

Writer’s bio

P ete Miguel Ward is an accomplished executive, operations director, and transformational business leader with a proven track record of providing exceptional direction and strategic solutions to industry leaders. Highly capable of analyzing existing systems and processes to devise notable enhancements to integrate technology and automation, Pete’s exceptional tenure with a stable work history continues to expand globally. Today, he works in the capacity of Manager of Business Transformation in the UAE for the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company.

Pete holds an MBA from the Australian Institute of Business. Over the past twenty-four years, he has worked directly for major organizations such as Repsol, BP, British Gas, Proman, Techint, SNC-Lavalin, Voste Alpine, H.B. Zachary, KBR, Carillion, and others. In one recent role as Operations Director, he led a significant integrated supply base and pipe yard transformation at his organization. The company grew from seventeen to a size of one hundred and forty personnel in just six months. It was only one of those occasions that he applied dedication to the profession with a strong sense of responsibility in ensuring that the entire transformation process worked in both the staff and the company’s favor.

As a business author, keynote speaker, and social media expert, Pete commands an audience of devoted followers who avidly support him in all his endeavors. By no surprise, apart from his day-to-day operations, Pete has also volunteered his time to global development. By applying thought leadership during his spare time, Pete delves into academic writing. He is currently authoring two texts on Leadership and Entrepreneurship. In doing so, Pete continues to identify modern challenges and solutions across multiple industries. He brings his innovative and successful business approach with an excellent ability to utilize the talent around. His latest significant writing was entitled “The impact and use of adequate processes to improve management of operations.

Being an excellent communicator and consistently representing many organizations in the public forum, it seems natural for the same unparalleled work ethic to manifest within his research writing. Pete Miguel Ward is a balanced and passionate individual who excels in every responsibility with which presented. He is always willing to offer his assistance to any venture and embraces an excellent rapport with everyone he liaises with. His ability to effectively communicate professionally continues to make him a thought leader!

No one is more worthy to help businesses journey this evolving era. Beyond Our 21st Century brings the needed outlook to the management and leadership world.


So this is me with the soccer ball...we were on yet another overseas workshop and while walking along the streets of Madrid that particular evening back in 2013, I signaled my colleague to stop for a brief moment in an attempt to match my skills with perhaps one of Europe’s finest players. The calm lady looking on was a young entrepreneur making some good cash by displaying her impressive freestyle soccer skills to the public. Incidentally, my colleague immediately pulled out his cell began snapping photos of me (I’ve only posted the good one) so that I could look back later to have a good laugh at myself!

But back to the point; unknowing to most persons walking by, this was ‘Entrepreneurship' in motion and possibly the development of a successful business mind. What most self-made millionaires today have in common is that they all began working at building their empires early.
The term ‘Entrepreneur’ is a derived from the French word ‘Entreprendre’ which means 'To Undertake.’ An entrepreneur is one who undertakes to assume, organize and manage business risks. In particular, this term was used to identify any individual who started ventures that stimulated economic growth by offering better and new ways of doing things. However, in recent years, entrepreneurs have done so much more, prompting researchers to look for a broader definition of the term.
Today, an entrepreneur is a developer, an innovator who perceives and seizes opportunities and converts them into marketable and workable ideas; adds value to the ideas through skills, finance, effort and time; assumes prevailing marketplace risks to implement the ideas; and receives the rewards for all the effort. An entrepreneur is an important catalyst for change in business, an independent thinker who thinks different amid a backdrop of common events.
Needless to say at the end of my short soccer session both my colleague - Vinay and me donated handsomely into the basket strategically placed on the sidewalk. On that day the young lady we encountered saw a good return on her time and investment. As for me, I learnt my lesson and saw the true football skills of Europe and it rocks!