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Let’s Improve Performance Appraisal Systems

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July 6, 2016
The Concept of an Entrepreneurship
October 31, 2020

Let's Imnprove Performance Appraisal System

W hat do companies do with an already lean staff during a downturn? Train and develop them of course! Well, easier said than done and here is a short brief on the reason why...

The performance appraisal systems developed by organizations can allow for a potentially rewarding arrangement for both company and employee through being worthy and consistent in its areas. It provides a formal talent management process for acknowledging and rewarding high performers within similar jobs and allows for improvement measures where needed.

However, there exist fundamental gaps whilst maintaining a potentially well-modelled performance management system.

"Substantial arguments signal that many performance appraisal systems are flawed to the point that they are manipulative, abusive, autocratic, and counterproductive"

Specific stages such as SMART target definitions, review, assessment, ranking and results notification all have its place and various applications to effectively manage the broader appraisal model.

But what if we were to consider the most common barriers affecting performance management systems?

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