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In The Real Energy-World Strategic Plan

Let’s Improve Performance Appraisal Systems
October 29, 2020

In a Real Energy World Strategic Plan

I n the past decade there has been enormous interest in the understanding and management of lean businesses. Many organisations, however, maintain different policies and concepts on strategic management. Because procedures are generalized, companies can take different paths based on the nature of their business.

With this in mind established guidelines should be aligned to specific business objectives to gain competitive advantage and realize bottom line profit. The primary purpose is to ensure that all processes contain associated policies, process maps, procedures and formats, and to ensure that fixed targets and indicators that measure processes are working as planned.

Mature organizations identify processes improvement measures as an annual target allowing for better strategies to improve relationships with stakeholders and other departments leading to flow activities that usually define success.

And operating with a dynamic process that makes it possible for firms to expand a market and introduce change and innovation in the operational process must set the tone for a company’s vision statement, mission statement and statement of values. It takes into consideration the initiation, objectives, driving forces, economic or market position and the overall strategy adopted to ensure survival in a declining oil price climate. A thorough analysis will review the possible tools and methodology required for an evaluation process and the business improvement measures involved — finally, an objective outlook in providing recommendations for applied strategies such as planning cycle, strategic decision making, business continuity plans, and steps for ensuring that essential objectives and measures are kept on track.

At the right perspective and within a management system, if the underlying data is not clean, organized, and complete, the subsequent management will be severely affected with a negative impact from various angles (profitability, productivity, and ease of operation) for managerial analysis.

However, effective communication to the global workforce remains a challenge. Although the vision, mission, values may be well articulated within its content, sharing the detailed strategy is a plan that requires more attention and effort. At most organizations, challenges of the daily activities within the operations lead to a breakdown of the focus of the primary objectives. Clear guiding principles are, therefore, required to achieve the main goals, which must be easily measurable and held accountable by staff members for assigned deliverables.

On the downside, in some instances, the organization can be noted for thinking too small in developing some initiatives. Some deliverables are small incremental improvements to the business and do not necessarily advance to the outcome of the strategic goals.

With these significant objectives and decisions, considerable effort must be made to ensure a thorough analysis of an existing market. A brainstorming session with appropriate personnel conducting a SWOT analysis to identify the risk and opportunities in the environment is necessary. The SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis drawn on a grid for an organization to identify the following: (stated below as examples only)

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