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The Concept of an Entrepreneurship
October 31, 2020
Transformation Beyond The 21st Century
July 8, 2021

“You see my dear son last night you truly died and now you have been sent to us in order to allow the fulfillment of our undertaking.”

“At that point, I could have fainted only if I weren't dead already!”

D ying is a premise that young Matthias is growing accustomed to. After leaving his life with his mother due to a severe asthma attack, he learns that he has been chosen to live and die many times again, in order to leave a mark on a world where people’s hearts seem to have grown cold.

Matthias is willing to work, willing to die for the cause of the spirit council, until he meets his new family. Never having a father before, Mathis becomes unwilling to let go of the man he has grown to love. His new sister, Sue is seeing the changes in Matthias, from what her actual brother was like. He has to work around her skepticism while he works to soften the heart of someone near to him, not even knowing who that someone is.

While he is growing to love another family, his old family is getting a huge lesson in love and loss. Without even knowing it, Matthias is changing lives, and changing hearts from far away. Love extends all distances, as his mother learns to deal with the loss of her only son, and tries to understand where she wants to take the relationship with her ex, who had walked out on her while she was pregnant.

In the end, the fate of one person’s heart lies in the hands of 11 year-old Matthias. Will he sacrifice himself to complete his assigned task and save a person, or will he selfishly decide to remain in the first place where he has found comfort?

„This book will throw you straight into Matthias and Eva’s world, where you will find yourself holding your breath right along with them.”

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